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For a 12-month private safety deposit box you get an additional 6 months FREE BONUS!

As part of the great special promotion we have prepared for you at Prague Safe Deposit, you will now receive a private safe deposit box for 12 months for an additional 6 months free of charge as a BONUS. (*)

TIP: Would you like to make your friend, friend or business partner happy with an unusual and useful gift? Give him a beautiful gift voucher for renting a private safe deposit box, which you can buy from us at Prague Safe Deposit.

For any details, call NONSTOP at +420 228 224 664 or stop by for more information in person.

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Do you need to store your documents or valuables safely and discreetly? 

In Prague Safe Deposit we will fulfill the demanding requirements of the discrete protection and reliable storage of your valuables.

In our premises you can rent the safe deposit boxes of various sizes from A5 format to cabinet safes or metal boxes on the artwork, so whether you need to save the family jewels, passports, birth certificates, bonds or other documents, cash or works of art, or you have other requirements, we are able to accommodate you.



Our aim is to keep your assets safe and accessible, with 24 hours per day, 7 day per week custodian presence at the facility. We are here every day including national bank holidays.



We can assure you of total discretion about the items and valuables that you keep with us. We don't share our customers information with any Credit Bureau or Agency. Access is restricted to those you nominate.



Once you have decided on what box size you want to rent, we will ask you to complete an application form and submit this to us together with proof of identity and proof of address. Once these documents have been verified, you will be required to pay the yearly fee together with a key deposit. You will then, subject to verification, be given access to your box and you can deposit your contents in there.



Access to our premises and individual boxes is secured at several levels, including a continuous connection to the Central Protection Desk. We use PIN access cards, and unique keys, the premises are monitored by cameras, and there is always physically present specialist. Access to safety deposit boxes is granted only to eligible persons or their authorized representatives.



The price of renting a safe deposit box is as little as 22 CZK per day. When considering this cost alongside peace of mind, safety and reduced insurance premiums, it is a very small price to pay.



Our location in Kolowratsky palace in Prague 1 is close to the Mustek metro station, ensuring easy accessibility for both firms and for private persons.

Types of boxes and pricelists

Rent a Safe deposit Box with Prague Safe Deposit!

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