What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is a storage box or container that is kept within a security vault accessed only by

the box owner. The box owner passes multiple layers of security by using a combination of code

based card technology with a personal identification number (PIN) and unique keys. Two keys come

with each box - both are handed over to the box owner upon signing the contract.


Is a safe deposit box necessary?

Safe deposit boxes are often a preferred choice when it comes to the security and safekeeping of

valuables. With high crime figures, storing valuables even in a safe within the home is not desirable.

For many people the cost of a safe deposit box is very small in comparison to what they risk, so they

see renting a safe deposit box as a valuable addition to their own personal security and that of their

assets. Additionally, using a safe deposit box can reduce the cost of insurance for content cover.


What types of valuables can I store in a safe deposit box?

Every individual will define what they consider their valuable possessions to be in a different way,

for some people value will depend on the monetary cost of an object, for others it can be a priceless

family heirloom that holds sentimental value. Below is a list of the typical type of objects stored in a

safe deposit box: Passports, Gold and other Precious Metals, Jewellery, Art, Computer backup discs,

Data Storage, Important paperwork such as share and bond certificates, Insurance documents,

Collections such as stamps, coins, antiques, Professional Qualification Credentials, Wills, Birth

Certificates, Property Deeds, Military Medals, Important keys, Marriage Certificates, Wedding Video,

Family Photographs, Memorabilia, Partnership Documents, Cash, etc.


How can I rent a safe deposit box?

It is simple and easy to open an account with Prague Safe Deposit. You will choose your desired box

size, we will require proof of identity in the form of an ID or a passport and you will be asked to

complete a contract and agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have paid the total amount

due your box rental agreement begins. If you are interested in more details, please can contact us in

person, on the telephone or via internet, our facilities are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week and our staff speak several different languages.


How long can I rent a box for?

The standard rental period is based on a 12 month rolling contract. However, we are able and happy

to accommodate rental periods of weeks, days or even hours.


What are the fees for renting a box?

Our fees are based on the size of the box, safe or space that you want to rent. Please refer to our

price list or contact us by e-mail, telephone or visit our premises and we will show you all our

available sizes, introduce our services and accommodate any specific needs you may have.


Is there anything I cannot store in a safe deposit box?

When agreeing to the contract you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions and these

include NOT storing any items that are dangerous and/or illegal. These items include weapons,

explosives, gas canisters, dangerous liquids, stolen goods and proceeds from money laundering.


Do you insure the contents of my safe deposit box?

We deal with insurance requests on an individual basis.


Can I store paintings or larger sized items at prague safe deposit?

Yes. Prague Safe Deposit is a unique storage facility that can accommodate the storage of large

pieces of art and other valuables. We have safes, art boxes as well as entire walk-in secure areas. We

can offer temperature and humidity controlled environments but we only have a limited number of

the larger spaces so it is advisable to contact our representatives to discuss further.


Can other people access my box with my permission?

Yes. It is possible to appoint a secondary cardholder that also has access if they register with Prague

Safe Deposit. We will issue another magnetic card to allow access to the box areas and vaults. Please

note that we cannot offer rental agreements to anyone under 18 years of age.


Can anyone else such as the police or law enforcement agencies access my box?

No other person can access your box unless they are a registered access card holder. The exception

to this is access which is required by law or under court orders.


Does Prague Safe Deposit hold a copy of my key?

No, Prague Safe Deposit holds no spare keys. There are only two keys to each box, both of which are

handed over to the box holder upon signing the contract. Therefore, we cannot access any box until

the contract is terminated and the keys returned to us.


What happens if I lose a key or cannot access my safe deposit box?

When you sign the box rental agreement and pay for your box, you will be issued with an access card

that is linked your account. If you lose or misplace this card, you will need to visit Prague Safe

Deposit where your old card will be deactivated and a new one issued. Losing either one or both of

your keys will result in the box being drilled to allow access. These costs are quite substantial as new locks need to be purchased and fitted to the drilled box. Box drillings are carried out by an

independent locksmith and witnessed by two persons. The Box holder is liable for any such costs.


What are the opening hours?

We offer clients a 24 hours, 7 days per week service, so you can access your box at any time. Our

receptionist is always there to help you.