About Prague Safe Deposit

Prague Safe Deposit is the premier independent safe deposit facility in the Czech Republic offering businesses and individuals a private and discreet service.

Although established in 1992, in 2006 it was incorporated as a company to reflect its status as an independent and successful stand-alone enterprise. On an international level it is also connected with Berkeley Safe Deposit in London.

PSD is a non­ bank entity without obligations to open a bank account or enter into a banking relationship. Unlike banks, whose restrictive hours impose limitations on clients unable to access their boxes during working hours, our main aim is to provide a 24 hour a day service for busy clients to access documents or other items at any time.

Whether you are an individual looking to store your passport, title deeds or jewellery collection; a business seeking secure storage for corporate documents, confidential business information, or an international investor looking for a stable, business ­friendly environment to safeguard your wealth,

Prague Safe Deposit’s tailored service will meet your needs for secure storage.

Prague Safe Deposit’s clients include large multinational companies, listed financial enterprises, professionals storing documents for clients, museums, institutions and private individuals.

Prague Safe Deposit is located in the historic city of Prague, close to Můstek metro station.